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  • Olivia's Improv Dance

    Couture Senior Model Olivia Kattos Glides as a Contemporary and Ballet Dancer

  • #3secclip Hope

    Hope is the Secret Ingredient. Apparently.

  • #3secclip Kelsey

    Kelsey gets it right. Then doesn't. Then does again.

  • #3secclip Taylor

    Taylor seems to have a problem. A twitching problem.

  • #3secclip Hope

    Hope has a very misunderstood face.

  • #3secclip Amilia

    Never trust a girl with dishonest eyebrows

  • #3secclip Jessica

    Was it something I said??

  • #3secclip Chloe

    Teenagers these days and their shots of.....salsa???

  • #3secclip Emi

    Emi does her best 'toy chicken' impersonation

  • #3secclip Savannah W.

    There was a recurring theme at Savannah's Couture Senior Session. Swatting GNATS!