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I love your work!  How do I book you??

If you have questions for me that aren't covered here, you may click the "Contact" link over on the lefthand side of the screen and ask away!  If you are ready to book, click the "Pricing" link, and fill out the form, and I'll quickly contact you so we can set up a date for your Senior Session.

And your prices?  I can't find them on your site!

Remember, "Couture" means that each particular client gets a customized, unique experience and set of products (for more on that, Click HERE).  There are too many variables to each client and each shoot to possibly post an exhaustive price list.  What I can tell you definitively is that my basic sessions start at $150, and most clients spend between $600-$1500, depending on the products they choose.

So, I'm a little shy and I'm afraid I won't know what to do when you start taking my pictures!

No worries!  I tell you exactly what to do, from how to stand or sit, to where to put your hands, how to hold your head, and what kind of expression to show me.  If I want you to smile, I try to make you laugh!  If I want a natural expression, I have tricks on how to take your mind off of your expression so it looks more natural.  You will learn to trust me, and you will feel comfortable in front of the camera after a few minutes.

Okay, so let's say I've already booked with you.  What is it like on the set of one of your photo shoots?  What can I expect?

My shoots are FUN!  I am very laid back, and I like to laugh and try to make you laugh.  I keep things very relaxed and loose, so you will feel very comfortable.  You will have a great time and I can promise you that you'll end up having way more fun than you thought you would at a photo shoot!


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