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Internship Application

Thank you for your interest in the intern position for Couture Photo Art.  This position is unpaid, but will afford you an opportunity to fulfill required volunteer hours from your school, improve your college application, and work outdoors in a fun, creative environment.

Some of the job duties will include:

•  Assisting the photographer in carrying equipment from location to location
•  Assisting the photographer in setting up lighting and camera gear
•  Handling secondary video responsibilities
•  Catching wardrobe, accessory, and hair/makeup flaws correcting them
•  Creating social media content for marketing purposes, in real time at the photo sessions and during times when the candidate is at home or in the office
•  Data entry, website maintenance, etc. (both at home and at office)
•  General errands and assistance to the photographer and clients
•  ...among other responsibilities

The requirements are:

•  lives in the Huntsville/Madison area
•  has their own reliable transportation
•  is physically fit, and can carry photography and lighting gear (up to 30lbs)
•  is able to learn quickly
•  is naturally likable and has good people skills
•  possesses superior work ethic and punctuality

My preferences (not deal-breakers) are:

• that the applicant is a rising junior or senior, but that's not a deal-breaker.
• is up on the latest fashion styles, and dresses reasonably fashionable
• is comfortable enough with hair and makeup to do basic touchups with clients, when necessary
• is detail oriented
• can multi-task two or three responsibilities at once at a fast pace

After applying, you may be called in for an interview.  A parent or legal guardian is required to come with you, and they will answer a few questions as well.

Please carefully read each question and answer honestly.  Thank you again for your interest!


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