Class of 2018 Couture Senior Model Application

It's time to apply to be a part of the Class of 2018 Couture Senior Model team!


First, let's clear up a common misconception.  A senior model for a photography studio isn't a traditional modeling opportunity.  Couture Photo Art is not a modeling and/or talent agency, not a model management or placement service, and frankly has nothing to do with the modeling industry.

So if I am chosen, I wouldn't technically be a 'model?'

Actually, technically speaking, that's precisely what you would be!A senior model--and in this case, specifically a Couture Senior Model--is a model in the truest definition of the word.By definition, a model is 'a representation of a person or thing.'In this case, a Couture Senior Model provides an example of what this studio can provide for the high school senior in search of a senior portrait studio.There really is no better word than "model" to describe what a Couture Senior Model does!

Okay, so now that we are all clear on that, here is the application.

Please do NOT rush through this.  If you have somewhere to be, don't do this now.  Do it when you have time to think about what you are answering, and when you will be able to coherently communicate who you are with your words.  But also keep in mind that only so many will be interviewed, and of those, only so many will be chosen.  Don't wait too long!

Answer Authentically

Don't use Safe or 'Pageant-like' Answers

Be You!