Hello Parents!  (I was trying to come up with a "companion" title for the parents of Couture Senior Models.  The first thought was 'Couture Senior Parents,' but I didn't think any of you would appreciate that.  Hey, we'll think of something! :))


As I told you at the info meetings back in February, I love to reward those who refer clients to me.  Please note that my slots will fill up regardless, and I don't "expect" anyone to refer clients to me out of obligation or duty.  That's not what this is about.  This is completely voluntary.  But getting LOTS of free product of your child might be more favorable to you than paying full price for it.   

In the past, I have tried to motivate my senior models to refer their friends.  It doesn't work.  And to be perfectly honest, I don't want to put that burden on them.  I want their experience as a Couture Senior Model to be a positive, fun, and worthwhile one.  I aim to show them a great time at group shoots, their senior portrait experience, hangouts, and volunteer/service activities, and hopefully that will generate some natural "buzz" about Couture Photo Art Portrait Studio.

However, I realize that as parents, you have to plan ahead for every expense--especially in their expensive senior year!  And really, parents listen to other parents about this sort of thing, because we trust our friends more than we trust an ad on Facebook.  

That's why I am offering this scaled rewards schedule for you.  For each completed referral* you bring to Couture Photo Art Portrait Studio, you'll be rewarded:

1st Referral:  11x14 Print on Deep Matte Paper, Mounted on Styrene (Value of $135)

2nd Referral:  5 Standard Gift Prints (any print 8x10 and under) (Value of $250)

3rd Referral:  Choice of 16x20 Canvas or Metal Print (Value of $395)

4th Referral:  Standard 8x8 Album (20 pages/10 Spreads, lustre paper, choice of cloth/linen, leather, or faux leather cover) (Value of $699)

5th Referral:  All edited photos available for digital download with printing rights (Value of $1095)


These rewards are cumulative.  If you refer five people, you get everything that would be rewarded for the first four referrals as well.  For each additional referral past the fifth one, you will receive $100 in credit toward additional products.

*Completed Referral means the referred client has paid their session fee and completed their photo session.  Does not have to be a senior portrait session.  Can be family portraits, private dance session, engagement session, or wedding.