A New Model Team is Emerging!

This team, unlike the rest of the universe, does not revolve around seniors.  You are READY for the camera, so....Why wait, right??  You are not the future, you are the NOW!!  Some of the amazing perks of being on Couture Photo Art's NEW, yet-to-be-named Model Team, designed specifically for Freshmen and Sophomores:

  • Be a part of model activities like photo shoot challenges, group shoots, hang outs, "give back"-type volunteer days, and themed shoots!
  • Have your OWN photo shoot to glam up for.  Get ready for YOUR professional photo session with one of the top photographers in North Alabama!
  • Belong to a team consisting of guys and girls from high schools all over, and meet people you'd never have had an opportunity to be around before.  Make friends that will last a lifetime!

Hey, the future will get here soon enough.  But as a member of the Fresh Team, you can be a part of a team that celebrates the here and now!

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This Model Team is for Freshmen and Sophomores only