Anna C. - Sparkman High - Couture Senior Model (Huntsville, AL, Senior Portraits Photographer)

This is a feature on one of my 2017 Couture Senior Models.  If you are a current Junior, class of 2018, and you want to explore the idea of being on the NEXT Couture Model Team, or if you know a Junior who would be amazing....CLICK HERE and fill out the very short form!

At Anna's Couture Senior Session, while she was changing outfits, I struggled to pay Anna a compliment to her mother, Lori.  Don't get me wrong--there are plenty of wonderful characteristics that are easily found when you meet Anna.  But I couldn't quite find the words to articulate the one distinct quality I had seen in her.

I fumbled over words like genuine, authentic, down-to-earth, and a handful of others.  And all of those words can certainly be used to describe this young lady, but it wasn't the one I wanted to say.  

Thankfully, the thought I couldn't quite find then has finally come to me--although I still haven't been able to find just one word for it.  Nonetheless, more than maybe anyone I've ever met at her age, this young lady is self-confident without being arrogant, strong-minded without coming across as stubborn, and graceful in the sense that nothing could possibly knock her off her feet.  Those are very good qualities to have as a high school senior on the doorstep of the next phase in her life.

They're also good qualities to have as a Couture Senior Model.

Anna took to being in front of the camera like she was a seasoned veteran.  From her very first photo sessions, she found it natural to deliver great depth from her eyes and in her expression that is hard to teach.  This shot was from only her second session with me (click to enlarge):

Clothing courtesy of TRU Identity in Madison, Hwy 72

Says Anna:  "I wanted to be a Couture Senior Model because it sounded fun and [like] a great experience. Modeling is something that has always sparked my interest so why not give it a try! Also [Couture Photo Art photographer] Shane's personality and humor really made it fun!" Modeling beyond her Couture Photo Art experience is still a consideration for Anna, and at 5'9", the sky is the limit for her. 

When asked about a favorite experience she has had as a Couture Senior Model, Anna said, "My favorite moment was the group shoot we did with all the other models. It was really fun to meet the other girls and just hang out!  My favorite part about being a senior model is the actual modeling part. I was surprised how much I really enjoyed it."

Class of 2017 Couture Senior Models

I asked Anna if she had any advice for future Couture Senior Models, and she had this to offer, "My to relax. Don't be nervous about the shoots. Shane is super funny, so it's not like it'll be awkward or anything. Enjoy the time and have fun because it will always be a great memory!"

And her absolute favorite shot from all of her sessions? "It was actually sort of an accident. [Shane] was test shooting [so the pictures he was taking weren't even supposed to be seen.]"  Anna was referring to the picture from THIS blog entry, which takes you behind the scenes of how this particular shot (seen below) was captured.  "I was wearing a red dress in downtown Huntsville [so Shane called that shot] 'Red Alert'." (Side note from Shane:  Because she was wearing red, I called this shot 'Red Alert' as an answer to Ben Stiller's "Blue Steel" facial expression in the Zoolander movies. 😋)

Anna's favorite:

Not only is this Anna's fave, but this image literally happens to be one of my favorite shots I've ever taken.  But we did get plenty of other amazing shots.  Here are just a handful, for your viewing pleasure!


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