Sha's Senior Portrait Session (A.K.A. - Crisis Averted!)

I tried to talk her out of it.  The weather was looking bad.  No, scratch that--Bad (...with a capital B that time, you'll notice.)

It was about noon on the day of Sha's senior portraits session (pronounced "Shay," but she's too cool for the "Y"), and a friend pointed out to me that storms were expected.  Just the day before I had checked, and there was a small chance of rain, but that usually meant we'd have a few clouds, or maybe even lots of clouds.  But 20% rain usually loses out to the other 80% that's designated for no rain.

But now--90% chance of heavy rain??

I tried to talk her out of it.  Sha was having none of it.  Via text, I urged her to reschedule.  I warned her that if we went forward and it rained on us, and that she risked losing the session that she had paid for with her own hard earned money.  I tried to talk her out of going forward with the session THREE TIMES!  This young lady was unrelenting, much as the imminent threat of heavy rain and thunderstorms bearing down on us!

She had already gotten her hair done in Muscle Shoals for her session.  She was ready to make the drive to Huntsville to meet the makeup artist I had lined up for her (the absolutely fab hair and makeup artist, Brittianna J, who you should definitely use for your senior session with Couture Photo Art!).  Her outfits were in the car.  She was sittin' on "G", waitin' on "O"...ready to GO!

So we forged ahead.  She made it to Brittianna's salon, and I scrambled to make changes to our shooting schedule and location.  I found a place that had plenty of covered places to shoot and we were on!

As you'll see, the session went tremendously well--crisis averted!!  Oh no, don't get me wrong--it rained.  It rained hard!  Torrential sheets of water pounded the pavement just feet from where we were shooting, but we didn't feel much of it, staying dry despite the storms.  

And yes, I made a point to tell Sha that not only was she right and I wrong, but I was so glad it worked out that way.  It was one of the most fun senior portrait sessions I have had in a long time.

The real crisis would have been missing out on these gorgeous pictures of this beautiful and very determined senior!