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cou·ture    ko͞oˈto͝or,-ˈtYr/   noun   

[the design and manufacture of fashionable clothes to a client's specific requirements and measurements.]

  • fashionable made-to-measure clothes.


If you were to look up the definition of "Couture" on Google, the above description is what you would find.  Couture means customized; specified by the client; a one-of-a-kind piece.

Why did I name my Senior Portrait studio "Couture Photo Art?"  I want to provide photographs of the very highest quality for my clients, and in a fashion that is truly made to specifications, ordered by the client herself or himself.

I love meeting with my clients for the pre-shoot Discovery Session.  I get to find out what the Senior is all about.  I love seeing her eyes light up as she tells me about her fashion sense, her vision for her senior portraits, and all of the ideas that she has, that we will choose from!  It's an amazing experience to be talking about it at the Discovery Session, then in the days ahead it's even MORE amazing to be making it happen!

It is gratifying to present to my clients the photographs they envisioned.  Many times, my clients are in awe of what is given to them, because it has surpassed their own vision for the product.  Lauren had no idea any of her photographs would turn out like THIS:



But it did, because we were able to take advantage of what our environment had to offer at that specific time. That ability to be flexible at the same time as we were being diligent to carry out a plan gave Lauren a truly one-of-a-kind photograph: A Couture piece by every definition of the word! "Couture Photo Art" is the perfect name for what I have determined to deliver to my clients. It means "Customized photographs worthy of fine wall art."

That's "Couture." It's what Seniors of this Generation want. It's what YOU want.

And you are worth it!


Your year...


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