Couture Senior Model Bridgett N. (Senior Portrait Photographer, Huntsville, Alabama)

As we move forward in our search for the best and brightest high school juniors of North Alabama and Central Tennessee for the next Couture Senior Model team, I thought it would be cool to touch base with a current senior model, Bridgett N. from Muscle Shoals High School.  I asked Bridgett a few questions and here's what she had to say!

Bridgett N.

Bridgett N.

Couture:  What made you want to become a Couture Senior Model in the first place?

Bridgett: I really like to take pictures and it's always fun making new connections.

Couture:  What have been your favorite aspects of being on the model team?

Bridgett:  Definitely taking pictures, Shane can always make you laugh! Also, some of the girls you meet on the team are from your area that you don't even know! So you make new friends all over the area!

Couture:  Last year before Christmas, you took me to a place with TONS of Christmas lights and we did a night shoot.  It was SO COLD!  Thinking about the different adventures you've had on your sessions, what advice would you give someone who is about to join the '18 Couture Senior Model Team?

Bridgett:  Even though it's cold [for some shoots], suck it up--it makes cute pictures! And water pictures look awesome, just watch for snakes! [laughing]

Couture:  You just referenced the shot from your Couture Senior Session where you got IN THE WATER.  You must LOVE being cold! :)  So what has been your favorite shot that we ever captured from any of our sessions??

Bridgett: That is a super hard question!  I honestly haven't gotten a picture back that I didn't like. But my favorite would have to be in front of the barn with my sweet Boxer, "Sox."

Thanks Bridgett for sharing!  And hey, if there are any current high school juniors out there that would like to apply to be on the NEXT Couture Senior Model Team, class of 2018, click HERE!