Meet and Greet Information

for the

2017 Couture Senior Model Invitees


Hello parents of the 2017 Couture Senior Model invitees!  I am posting this here because after getting contact info from several of you there was no common denominator on how I could get information out to you.  So instead of sending the same message through 3-4 different avenues of communication, I'll post it here and link you all to it.  Feel free to contact me via phone, text, Facebook, etc, if you have any questions.

I am excited about the upcoming meet and greet for the c/o 2017 Couture Senior Model Invitees!  I’ve interviewed 10 young ladies after receiving applications from more than twice that many.  Nine were invited, and eight have verbally accepted and will attend on Saturday.  So there is no suspense here; being invited to the meet and greet is the same as being invited into the senior model program.

I have to say, I was so impressed with all of your daughters.  They are all different, obviously, but one thing they have in common is that they all really struck me as down to earth, really *good* girls.  That is what I was looking for, and that’s why I want them—and you—to be a part of the Couture Photo Art family.

To be perfectly clear, attendance of the meet and greet signifies that you and your daughter have accepted the invitation to the senior model team.  As we discussed at the individual interviews, the fee entry is $500.  You may pay the entire amount on Saturday or a partial payment.  If you would like to make payments, I would suggest either 4 payments of $125 or 5 payments of $100.  Please note that because all funds are used to secure hair and makeup artists for the senior session, location fees (when applicable), as well as other preparations, all funds received are non-refundable.

We will meet at 3pm on Saturday, Feb 27th in the Huntsville area for a group shoot with the eight invitees.  I will send you the exact address once the location has been finalized.  I have begun a conversation with all of the girls to get their input on a theme for the wardrobe of the group shoot.

After the group shoot concludes at approximately 5pm, we will move to an indoor location where we will have dinner and a chance to go over the finishing touches of Couture Senior Model info.  But mostly, I want this to be a chance for the girls to get to know each other.  

Because the absolute primary reason of this meeting is to allow the girls a chance to bond, I am asking that only one or both parents come to this event on Saturday.  Please encourage them to leave boyfriends, best friends, siblings, etc, behind for this.  There will be events where these folks are welcome, but for this event, I would like for it to be as intimate a gathering as possible.

Please let me know as soon as possible who will be attending with your child—whether it will be one or both parents—so I can make sure we have enough food for everyone.  I’d like to know by Wednesday if possible.

No one is required to bring anything for the meal.  But some do enjoy contributing, so if you would like to bring something, just ask.  But no one should feel obligated, and I sincerely mean that.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask!